We are currently offering Parent + Me E-Learning +

E-Fitness for Parents programs as a solution to our current times of learning online, one that considers early childhood education and daily movement as an integral part of a healthy family life.


Toddler Program 20201 Coming Soon!

Fill out this interest application to learn more.

Parent + Me E-Learning:

For parents, children + families to maintain weekday learning  and engagement opportunities.

Includes our "Path to Preschool" program, Sign Language, Spanish Baila Baila, Magic, and Yoga.

Monday - Friday | Starting at 9:30am 

E-Fitness for Parents:

Exercise classes for parents every weekday morning.

Featuring Yoga, Boxing, Bootcamp, Barre - for adults only.

Monday - Friday | Starting at 8:00am

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Welcome all of the littlest knights.

A haven where community and whole family learning converge.

What the Future Holds


Our original vision of Little Knights as a one-stop-shop and resource center just “West of the East Side” for new and seasoned parents is currently change due to global circumstances. As time allows we will continue to help parents ease the transition to new parenthood with enriching classes, guidance, and shared experiences!


Ideally, we will once again include weekly “Parent & Me” groups that provide a supportive community to learn about child development, parenting topics, offer knowledge, guidance, classes, breast feeding resources & super cool products while bonding with your baby and community.  We will offer a plethora of classes including pregnancy and child birth preparation, baby care, breastfeeding classes, mom fitness & health, musical play groups, popular lectures from leaders in their field, “Parents Day Out” & “Disco Knights”.

We are

Little Knights


Little Knights facility and grounds continue with the legacy that we have been building at Camelot Kids since 2008.

As an extension of Camelot Kids, Little Knight's endeavors to create an online space for families to learn and participate. When state mandates allow and it is safe we will continue to offer a place where parents can come together, gain new skills, new friendships and be supported as they tend to their little ones. Little Knights is an all-inclusive Parent + Me Center Just West of the Eastside.

Our Mission


Community is at the core of our values. We know that the families we serve and the lives that we impact go beyond our day to day activities in the Camelot and Little Knights Kingdom.


Beyond our walls, outside of our programs, we are a community-based organization that gives back. We look forward to a time we can safely gather again and create a destination where children + families come together to learn and lively events are held.


Community & Commitment


We encourage families to:

Establish a Strong Community!

Our focus is to have a safe and enriching community for our children and families here at Little Knights.

Create a Routine!

We encourage parents to sign-up for classes at Little Knights, participate often and stick with it! This effort (over a minimum of two months per class) ensures success for both parent and child for the long-term.

Give it time!

A new routine and environment takes “getting use to” for both parents and children. It will take some time to get comfortable. That’s part of the fun!


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