[bump] 101

Thursdays 11:45am - 12:45pm

Eat well. Birth well. Be well. 

Congrats! You've gotten through the first months of pregnancy! Things are progressing nicely but, reality is setting in, “What the **bleep**!?!  This [bump] has gotta come out of where?”


Reality check!  Wondering how you are going to peacefully give birth to your growing [bump]?  

And what about after that?


Our [bump] 101 series is designed to give you all the tips + tools of how to eat well, birth well and be well before and after delivery.


Partners welcome. ** Weekly topics subject to change based on specialist's schedule.


Learn more about our LK 101 Series Specialists here.

[bump]   101 


Each week at-a-glance/8-weeks total:


Week 1: Feed the [bump] – Nutrition For Pregnancy 

Week 2: I (heart) my [bump] - Creating Your Birth Plan

Week 3:  Organic [bump] – Decisions, Decisions!

Week 4:  [bump]-alicious - Baby Essential Items

Week 5:  [bump] Bootcamp – A Crash Course of New Born Know How 

Week 6:  Got [bump]? – Breastfeeding 101 

Week 7:  Make Way for the [bump] - Car Seat Installation

Week 8:  Post [bump] – What Now?

Full Class Details + Descriptions:

Week 1:
Feed the [bump] - Specialist: Kathy Killebrew
Nutrition For Pregnancy

You’re pregnant! YAY, #happydance!!  Now that the reality has set in you want to do everything you can to make this a healthy pregnancy – for you and your growing [bump]. Join us to learn from our nutritional expert; prenatal nutrition doesn’t need to be so confusing.


There’s so much advice out there!

“Don’t eat peanuts”! “Don’t eat spicy foods….unless you want to give birth!” Vitamins vs. no vitamins … Good vs. Bad

“Stop eating fish”....  but get enough omega-3s. Eggs or no egg?

Milk, but not cheese. Well, what about ice-cream? “Go gluten-free.” #ihaveaheadache  No coffee. Some coffee. Only decaf coffee.

Exercise, but not too hard. Walk, don’t run.


Our expert will help you weed through the information overload and start your pregnancy off by eating right. We will help you have the most [bump]-alicious pregnancy possible!

Week 2:
Love my [bump] - Specialist: Julie Grube
Creating Your Birth Plan, Options + Lotus Birth


Learn about your different options of giving birth, yes there are options! From home-birth to hospital, drugs vs. drug free, vaginal or C-Section, water birth and/or even *Lotus birth.


This class will explore your options in depth and give you things to consider to help make a sound decision. You will have the information + confidence you need to create your own birth plan.

*Lotus Birth is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut, so that the baby remains attached to the placenta until the cord naturally separates at the navel, exactly as a cut cord does 3-10 days after birth.  Lotus Birth is part of the continuum in the development and unfolding of the human organism.  It is also part of the continuum of awakening consciousness expressing itself via the birth process.

Week 4:
[bump]™ -alicious  - Specialist: Kirstin DeBeer
Baby Essential Items


Nappy bag. Car seat. Baby bath. Baby clothes. Cots, Cribs + Co- Sleepers. Swing. Baby Carriers + Slings. Stroller. Baby blankets. Play mats + Things. Bottles and more....


Information Overload!  Our newborn specialist will help you navigate your “Newborn’s Essential Needs”.  You will come to understand that contrary to all those advertisements your newborn doesn’t need much at all. What they do need are just the basics (and all your loving energy!).  


Keep in mind your friends and family will be keen to buy all those gorgeous gifts so you can focus on the basic essentials.

Week 3:
Organic [bump]Specialist: Nicole La Court
Decisions, Decisions!


Welcome to parenthood! In this class our parenting and newborn specialist will help you understand necessary early decisions that you will need to make before your baby is born.  

Topics covered include:


To breastfeed or bottle feed. Cord clamping. Vitamin K. Hep B Vaccination. Neonatal Screen Test. Hearing Screening. Circumcision. And more….


These are important pieces to consider, the beginning of a long journey of parenthood with decisions that will last a lifetime. Learn what you need to know to feel empowered in your choices.

Week 6:
Got [bump]Specialists: Cathy Redus /Jennifer Lezak. Breastfeeding 101


Now that you are pregnant, besides your [bump] growing, your boobs have taken on a life of their own!  They change in all kinds of ways; size, color, tenderness + having giant flying saucers for nipples is all part of the beautiful process.


In this  “Breastfeeding 101” class you will learn the basics of what to expect, plus the knowledge to get started breastfeeding your new baby. It’s not hard, but there are a few subtle tricks that will helps you out greatly!


Our Certified Lactation Educator will cover:


Anatomy and Physiology of the breast. Stages of Lactation - how milk is made. First 2 weeks of newly breastfeeding - what's normal and what's not. Position and latch on techniques.


Your bosom will finally get to do the job it was meant for!

Week 5:  
[bump] Bootcamp - Specialist: Kirstin DeBeer
A Crash Course in Newborn Know How


Babies don't come with instructions, so we designed a crash course full of info + demonstrations to prepare for newborn care. This is your opportunity to spend time together, with your partner, focusing on what your newborn baby will need. This is not about the birth, or what to register for, this is about what life will really be like once your precious [bump] finally arrives.

Topics covered include:

Feeding (including how to get breastfeeding off to a good start). Swaddling. Diapering. Holding. Bathing. Cord care. Safe sleep. Plus, general health and safety.


BONUS: You will meet other awesome parents and learn about additional local parenting resources.

Week 8 :
Post [bump] - Specialist: Julie Grube
Post Partum

Preparing for birth is like preparing for a wedding.  Once the wedding is over you have to also prepare for the marriage. Similarly, once the birth is over, you have to be ready for Postpartum.  


The postpartum period is an often overlooked, this class seeks to give you the necessary tools to be prepared for the intense changes that your life is about to undergo.


In this one-hour class you will learn:


Immediate Postpartum Information. What to expect during the postpartum period: Physical, Mental and Relationship Changes. Comfort Care for the new mom after the birth. Baby Behavior and Cues. Soothing Skills, Normal Newborn Crying & Sleep Patterns.

Suggestions for what to prepare ahead of time to ease this transition. The signs, symptoms and statistics for postpartum mood disorders.


Plus, enlisting loved ones who ask - "What can I help with?". Will arm you with answers to this question from multiple friends and family.

Week 7 :
Make Way for the [bump]™ - by The Tot Squad
Car Seat Installation

Yippie! Your precious [bump] is about to arrive…any minute now!


Your first real world experience will be to put them in a car seat for the first time and keep them safe. 


Some experts would advise that you to go to the nearest Highway Patrol Station so they can help you make sure your baby is safe…Yeah right.  You know what they would do?  Look at you like “Why the he** are you here?” You would leave befuddled and confused to say the least.


No worries!


We've got you covered! Come learn how to safely install your first ever car seat from a Tot Squad certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.  

This class will give you peace of mind, so you can get back to your busy life growing a healthy baby.