Events + Gatherings


2 hours of studio time

35 Adults

15 Kiddos​

1 “Party Curator”

Incredible indoor studio space - 893 sq. ft.

Adventurous outdoor playground - 682 sq. ft.

Relaxing “Womb Room” - 375 sq. ft.

Disco ball & music

“Mini” jumping castle

Sand box, swings, & things on wheels

Bubbles bubbles bubbles…mas burbujas

“Cooling Out” …Misters

Coordinated group photo with your camera

1 x food table

1 x desert table​

1 x tub for ice + drinks

(ice & drinks not provided)

Full Kitchen

(w/ refrigerator, freezer, microwave)

30 minute set-up/10 minute clean-up

Free “Parkeo” - 15 cars

10% off at LK Boutique on event day

TOTAL COST: ​ $495

Need anything else?

Additional people





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Each additional Kiddo - $10

Each additional Adult - $10

Kiddos under 9 months - FREE

Party hosts are given 30 minutes prior to their party start time for set up & 10 mins after party to clean up belongings.

Additional time may be scheduled for the

firsts or last event of the day for an

additional charge and

pending availability.