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Fitness class max occupancy is 10 people. A semi-private training experience!

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24 hour cancellation policy.

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Aerialfit Baby  
Bootycamp Baby  
Bootybarre Baby
Aerialfit Baby
Aerialfit Baby

Monday​​​ ​- Aerialfit Baby   ​with Lindsey Duggan Air Fitness is an intense aerial fitness training program fusing athletic conditioning with yoga, ballet and Pilates on aerial silk hammocks.  A highly effective program designed to strengthen, lengthen + tone your physique in record-breaking time! This workout is exhilarating, safe and also tones muscles you never knew you had. Post-baby bod be gone! Come hang upside down with Lindsay and get the “Ab & Butt” workout of a lifetime.

Bootycamp Baby
Bootycamp Baby

No two classes are the same with Beka Badila! Let's mix it up with other mamas (and papas!) + sweat, laugh, move and groove! HIT (high-intensity training) is effective using a variety of exercises and equipment like suspension bands, kangaroo jumps, and an outdoor abs workout. Spice up your workout routine with cross training for whole-body fitness that mixes aerobics, strength training, and flexibility.  Don't get stuck in a rut; work that body + tone your butt!

Bootybarre Baby
Bootybarre Baby

Best class with baby there is, barre none, with Jasmine Wilson! Let’s target those hard to get areas of the upper arms + chest with a few friendly push ups and the oh so loved, plank! You’ll have a spaghetti strap physique in no time. We’ll also add in ballet barre and floor exercises to work your thighs and glutes. A full body workout to tone things up and give you more energy to get through your days as the awesome mama you are!

Boxing Baby
Yoga Baby
Boxing Baby
Boxing Baby

Let’s move Mamas + Papas, with Paul Miller! Cardio-boxing is a great way to condition the whole body; build muscle strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination at the same time! Learn the fundamentals of cardio-boxing which promotes well-being while building confidence and discipline. Consists of variable heart rate work and actual boxing techniques to tone your core + sculpt arm muscles; a total body workout just in case you need to kick some arse!

Yoga Baby
Yoga Baby

Complete the week w/ Yoga-Baby; an invigorating, dynamic class that focuses on synchronizing breath with movement, while allowing time for proper alignment within the poses. Includes sun salutations, arm balances, balancing poses + inversions, Yoga-Baby is for moms + dads who want to improve their endurance, flexibility, strength + concentration. Practice at your own level while your baby is taken care of close by. You'll be moving and grooving in this well-balanced practice in just 45 minutes!


Fitness Fun FAQ's

Who can come to Fitness Classes?

Parent Exercise Classes are open to any parent. Parents can attend with or without their child.

What are the class sizes?

We maintain a maximum of 10 participants per class to a simulate a "personal trainer-like experience".

Do I need to bring my own gear?

Nope. We provide the gear for each class, from boxing gloves to yoga mats. You just show up ready for a great workout!

Do I have to come every day of the week?

Classes are designed to work a different part of the body; a whole body approach. You can come to any number of classes you choose. Class Passes allow for flexibilty to create your own workout routine.

Are these REAL exercise classes?

YES! Our Fitness classes are fun but most importantly, they are CHALLENGING. As in, you will sweat, tone your body and get an exhilarating work-out at Little Knights!

Who instructs each class?

Fitness Fun exercise programs are conducted by the fitness industry top instructors and include; Commonwealth Olympic Games Boxing Gold Medal Champion, Paul Miller and AerialFit Official Program Licensed Instructor and Lindsey Duggan. All of our classes are led by well established fitness instructors in their respective modalities.


Really, I can bring my child?

Yes! With our unique set-up, a parent can focus on fitness and self-care while their child is safe and entertained.

Quality care for your child, and exercise for parents, are included in the fee for a 45 minute class.     

Note: All fitness classes are designed to challenge Adults only. Children do not participate in the exercise.

Read more about our Little Knights Community & Commitment Philosophy.

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