Parenting 101

Tuesdays 11:45am - 12:45pm

A Playbook for Parenting

Who couldn't use a #LifeCoach for parenting? Someone to offer guidance, re-assurance and experience in the wild ride of parenthood. We all could use a little support!

Our Parenting 101 class will take you + your partner through the developmental milestones of your child to discipline as an art form. Together, with our Parenting 101 specialist and other parents in this workshop, you will get to elevate our parenting style to create a thriving home with little ones.

Partners welcome. ** Weekly topics subject to change based on specialist's schedule.

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Parenting 101 - Series Specialist: Olga Lopez


Each week at-a-glance/8-weeks total:

Week 1: Developmental Milestones

Week 2: Finding Balance as a Parent

Week 3: Parenting Styles

Week 4: Discipline is an Art Not A Punishment

Full Class Details + Descriptions:

Week 1:
Developmental  Milestones

From  gurgles  to  giggles and then from  words  to  sentences. Your child will reach developmental milestones all along the way. You will want to understand each new phase so you know how to engage with them in a developmentally appropriate way.


Join us in this class alongside other parents. Learn together as our specialist + certified Life Coach covers what to expect as your  child is developing. 

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." 
  — Nelson Mandela,

Week 2:
Finding Balance as a Parent


Parenting can become overwhelming when there are a ton of  

other things on your plate that you are also responsible for. This fast paced world adds to the load we carry in our homes. As a parent, how do you find balance, for yourself, for your kids, for your job and for your partner?


Let our Parenting 101 specialist highlight ways to find balance and not lose your mind (nor yourself) in the parenting process.

These skills will help you out for life-long success as the awesome parent you are!

Week 4:
Discipline is an Art, Not a Punishment:   


Ever see a child not listening to their parent in public? Ever see how the parent reacted in a way that seemed off-putting?


How did that look and how did you feel towards that parent? Join this class and become empowered in your own approach to parenting as we discuss what discipline is and what it is not. Learn effective tools for guiding your child through difficult behaviors in any situation.

Week 3:
Parenting Styles

What kind of parent are you? What is your parenting style? Is your parenting style effective for your child’s  personality?    


Come and discover what parenting style suites your child.

Our specialist will help uncover why understanding your parenting style will help you become an effective parent. The kind of parent you would like to be!