Birthday Blast Party includes 30 children (aged 1+) and parents.  Each child in excess of 30 is $5 per child. Birthday Blast "Theme" Party includes 15 children (aged 1+) and parents.  Each child in excess of 15 is $20 per child.


Dump Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Fire Trucks & “Main Street Activity Placemats” cover the tables at your Beep..Honk…Vroom P-A-R-T-A-Y.  Guests can color their keepsake placements while nibbling on Fire Engine + Dump Truck cookies! Children will enjoy construction themed stickers + tattoo party favors PLUS, Dump Truck & “Beep” balloons! The VIP Birthday Host will be gifted their very own Petitis et Maman handcrafted wooden car shaped plate as a memento of this special day! 


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Beep...Honk...Vroom Birthday Blast Theme

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