Birthday Blast "Theme" Party includes 15 children (aged 1+) and parents.  Each child in excess of 15 is $20 per child.


Get ready to have a R-O-A-R–I-N-G great time.  Giant T-Rex table center steals the show along with his colorful Dino pals. The VIP Birthday child will be gifted their very own wooden dinosaur to take home as a memento of this very special day.  Dino enthusiasts receive tattoos and Jurassic hats that will have everyone roaring like a dinosaur at your party! Cleverly crafted to pop up into a scary dinosaur head each hat comes complete with googly eyes which Dino lovers can take home as a party favor.  Blue, White, T-Rex & Apatosaurus balloons make this party pop while kids chomp on DINO-licious gingerbread cookies.


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Dinosaurs R-O-A-R Birthday Blast Theme

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