Birthday Blast "Theme" Party includes 15 children (aged 1+) and parents.  Each child in excess of 15 is $20 per child.


“Hear ye” “Hear ye”…calling all jousting Knights & marvelous Maidens to Little Knights castle for a day of medieval mayhem.  The King will receive a Color-in Knight’s Fancy Dress Outfit which comes with knight’s tabard, helmet and sword as a token to remember.  The Queen will receive her very own royal crown to honor this special occasion.  Brave knight guests be ready to do battle, kill the dragon, rescue the princess, and still be home in time for tea wearing these party favor knight helmets complete with visor and colorful feather crest. 


Silver, Red, dragon flamed knight balloons bring a touch of spice while the knight themed cake pops bring a touch of sugar.


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Knights, Maidens + Dragons Birthday Blast Theme

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