Get in on the Ground Floor!

Little Knights LA is near completion and we cannot wait to share our vision with you!

Many months ago, Director of Camelot Kids, Renae Plant was gazing out over the Camelot Kingdom. There, in the back corner of the property of Camelot Kids LA, Est. 2008, was a particular eyesore that was just not fitting in with the rest of the well-planned, beautiful, eco-friendly campus. A storage unit in the back had begun to outgrow itself. The shed was lackluster and started to accumulate many remnants of festivities past. This eyesore started to bug Renae, the feng shui of it was off and she began to daydream about what it would mean to clear that dusty container from the space and build, literally and figuratively, on the legacy of Camelot Kids LA.

One vision led to another, conversations with Livinio, her husband, and Camelot cohort bubbled up. The two of them began to plot and plan the GRANDEST vision!

A COMPLETE preschool, kindergarten, and Parent + Me Center has always been a dream in the scope of Camelot Kids. A one-of-a-kind Kingdom with a community at the heart of its mission. Building this center was the seed of creativity that Little Knights LA is designed from. From there, the rest was magic.....

The building itself extends the core values of Camelot. Little Knights maintains an eco-friendly build out, an open and airy place that incorporates the indoors and outdoors, a place with space; for parents, their children, families, and friends. This is a building with character, flair and whimsy. A playful place to encourage joy in learning, a draw toward gathering together and fully engaging with the environment of Little Knights.


Inside of Little Knights mamas, papas, and little ones will enjoy:

- A "Womb Room" that promises to comfort + support families in early years of parenting.

- Cool water misters for hot L.A. days.

- A Lego DJ booth for movin' and groovin'.

- Plus: bubbles, soft textures and inviting colors all around!

- An indoor/outdoor playground that lends itself to accessibility for parents and child as they play, explore and discover their surroundings.

The decor has been carefully hand-selected to surprise and delight each person that walks through the doors.

AND, that’s just the exterior of the vision, the visual appeal that incorporates all the elements that are Little Knights. It’s the classes, workshops, and programs that are truly the backbone of this MAGNIFICENT vision!

We will expand our Dragon Program to include mornings as we build upon our successful eight-year afternoon program. We are delighted to say that Ms. Ana will continue to lead and grow our Dragon Program for the little ones in our Kingdom. Our Incy Wincy, Itty Bitty, and Discovery Dragons classes introduce children to activities specifically designed for each age and stage in early childhood development. Additionally, we have Enrichment classes that expose children to Spanish, Sign Language, Music and much more!

In addition to our Parent + Me component, we have added a holistic variety of classes and workshops from local experts that include Fitness classes, a Parent’s Day Out element and a Disco Knights afternoon parent + me party to round out all that Little Knights will be! Oh, and we must mention that, in addition to all of this, Little Knights will include an on-site retail store with carefully curated mommy and baby products, including our very own line of [bump] maternity wear for moms and dads. We know that you will love our selected items as much as we do; it will be a beautiful complement to all that we will offer!


As we unveil our comprehensive vision, we invite you to take a look at the calendar below and to click on the links above to get a better idea of ALL that we have in store for you. Our website is the hub to learn more about what we are up to and, currently most links will direct you to our Interest form until our classes are available for enrollment this summer.

Get in on the Ground Floor, sign-up for classes, come play and learn with us as we build on an already vibrant community.

Little Knight LA, Where Do You Fit In?

Little Knights LA, this is just the beginning!

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