A Summer of Another Kind

Summer break is nearly over for most of us and Back-to-School has begun! Many of our elementary, middle and high schoolers are back in action; to routine, friends and school year fun.

For us here at Camelot Kids and Little Knights LA, we still have a few weeks before we start the 2016-2017 school year. As we gear up for that, we are busy completing the last details and finishing touches on our newest arrival:

Little Knights LA Parent + Me Boutique in the heart of Silver Lake, CA ~

This summer the founders of Camelot Kids LA not only spent day in and day out running their summer camp program at Camelot, they were busy with the enormous task of designing, constructing, planning, permitting, decorating and organizing all that is Little Knights LA!!

If you have perused the pages of this website or followed our progress thus far on social media, then you get the idea of all that Little Knights has to offer. You get the sense that a TON of visioning, dreaming and late night brainstorming went into every detail of this facility. You know that this building and surrounding grounds are COLORFUL, VIBRANT and have UNIQUE features around every corner.

There are features that you can touch, like the living wall on the outdoor patio. There are textures and surfaces that are creative, calming and down right fun. There are over-sized bean bags, sand castle structures, misters for warm days, plus a disco ball!

Think: Parent Playground, where you can bring your children to YOUR type of environment. There are no uncomfortable playground benches or curbsides here. Little Knights is different than that, Little Knights is an oasis~


Sounds inviting, right!?!

It is! AND we’d love for you to come check it out in person.


Open House + Celebration + Party at Little Knights!

Friday, Sept 9th

3:30pm - 6:30pm

We’d love to share with you all that we have built!


In the meantime you can easily SIGN UP for Enrichment classes at Little Knights, all of which are Parent + Me classes meant to create a community environment of learning alongside your child.

Current offerings include:

Art-Tastic Jam-A-Lot Ballet Yogi Knights Zoo-phonics

Sign Language Uno Dos Tres...Vamonos​ Messy Madness Boogie Knights

All classes can be found here. Sign up TODAY and join a wonderful community of mamas, papas and their children!


Additionally, we have FITNESS classes that you can bring your little one to, or come alone if you prefer.

They include:

Aerialfit Baby Bootycamp Baby Bootybarre Baby Boxing Baby Zumba Baby

Our teachers are superb and our fitness studio is light + airy, complete with punching bags + aerial fit silks!! Come shake it, swing it and sweat your booty off each morning of the week. SIGN UP HERE FOR SEPTEMBER CLASSES!


Speaking of the east side, we are not the only cool thing happening these days!

There's so much growth and goings on in and around our area. Some of our favorite resources include The Eastsider website, they highlight "Scenes, Sightings and Stories from the eastside of LA". They have the scoop on what's happening in our neighborhoods. Be sure to check them out!


See you around town!!


in Silver Lake

Los Angeles, California

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