How Fitness Can Get Kids Through the Stress of Divorce

The topics we discuss are can sometimes be the toughest conversations. Today we bring you a guest blog from our friends at the Law Offices of Evan Braunstein.

Children look to their parents for security and protection, so when their family splits up due to a divorce, it can be a traumatic experience—even for older children. Children thrive on routine, so having to adjust to a new schedule and split time between two households can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Fortunately, there are ways in which parents can help ease this transition. A study from 2013 shows that exercise can help reduce stress in children. Children performing little to no exercise showed high levels of cortisol release, while children who exercised moderately to vigorously showed no or very small increases in cortisol after being exposed to stressful situations.

Exercise also improves behavior and grades, even in children who are hyperactive. In fact, children who did not get a sufficient amount of exercise were more likely to fail tests.

Stress and depression are common for both adults and children after a divorce. Regular exercise, however, can help prevent these conditions and bring about other benefits as well. It can improve sleep and digestion, increase flexibility and muscle strength, and improve various systems throughout the body.

Exercise is an activity that parents can do with their kids following a divorce.

By incorporating regular exercise into your schedule, you’ll look and feel better.


How Little Knights Can Help

Located in Los Angeles, Little Knights is a resource center for both new and experienced parents, some who may be dealing with transitions in their lives, such as divorce. It offers “Parent & Me” fitness classes and a space for parents and children to exercise, have fun and make friends.

After a divorce in California with the help of a skilled lawyer, it can be hard for parents and children to feel good about themselves. This is how Little Knights can help. Little Knights offer fitness programs for children as young as five months old. Parents, babies and toddlers can all benefit from the various classes and programs offered. They can get their minds off the negative experiences in their lives and focus on having fun.

The classes at Little Knights allow children to explore, discover new activities and make new friends. There are also parties and theme nights so parents have a common place to get together and meet up with other parents who may be going through the same situation.

Little Knights can help both you and your little one cope with a divorce. Instead of being at home focusing on the bad things that have happened to you, you can have fun in a supportive environment. You’ll reap the physical and mental benefits of exercise.

Visit Little Knights today to learn more about how we can help your children during a divorce. We are eager to see you!

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