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Hello! Thanks for being here

We want to thank you for being a part of the growing + thriving #community at Camelot Little Knights. Please take a moment to read the following Key Points of our programs to better understand our approach to early childhood education, community + more...

Children learn through play

Play is how children learn to understand the world. Children solve problems and develop critical thinking on their own when playing with others. Play also strengthens language development and self-help skills. We do not “introduce formal education” in the discovery program. In this period of development children are building self-esteem and autonomy. We expose them to the idea of “taking turns”, conflict resolution and encourage them to develop skills like potty learning. We offer activities and experiences that continue to support this idea.

Building trust is key

We want each child to trust and feel comfortable in this new environment. Your child may not want to sit down or follow curriculum in the beginning. This is normal and may take days, weeks or months for them to become acquainted. We purposely do many of the same activities again and again so your child learns what to expect. You may find the repetitiveness mundane, however your child finds it challenging and exciting. Be engaged and interactive. The Parent & Me classes are designed for you to engage with your child by participating fully in the activities. Your child will build trust and learn by seeing you sing, dance and have fun.

Each child may not be interested in every activity

If your child does not seem interested in an activity, feel free to explore the room to find something they may be interested in. There are books, blocks, trains and many other items they may be interested in. It’s important to remain as a group to keep the consistency of the routine. By doing so your child will become more confident and eventually participate.

Potty Learning is a fun and a positive experience

Use your time in class to explore the potty’s at school. Some children may take to the potty right away while others may not. It is important to remain neutral when they begin. When you are ready to start the potty learning process, our best advice is to get rid of the diapers all together. This ensures it is not an option for you to resort back to them when it gets hard. It’s best to do both day and night time potty learning at the same time. Accidents are essential in order for your child to feel the impulse to use the potty.

Stick to the program

Be committed and they will value the experience and learn greatly from it. Please arrive on time. This ensures the consistency of your child’s and every other child’s learning experience.

We value your experience at Camelot Little Knights! We encourage open communication, if you have any concerns or questions our door is always open!

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