The Playground

Discovery Rooms

Our gorgeous discovery rooms offer over 1500 square feet of indoor space for toddlers to explore and grow on their path to preschool.  The mirror wall brings the outdoors indoors, giving it a fresh open feel to our 700 square foot playground with covered courtyard and “The Womb Room”.  

Our playground is covered in eco-friendly artificial padded grass, a mini sand castle, water tables, swings, outdoor sink, bubble machine, “Cooling-Cloud” misters, outdoor heaters, mind blowing disco ball, and super cool sun shade. It's a truly magical space ~ for toddlers to learn how to be independent for the very first time.

Our discovery room offers space to hold parent lectures with power point presentations to offer support to parents and social experiences for their young children


The purposeful use of light, sound and color uplift the spirit by being balanced, melodious and harmonious. 

The Womb Room


Womb Room  = CHILL-O-LO-GY

This lush area is an oasis in our fortress. An outdoor place for parents to stay effortlessly cool...and mingle between classes and workshops or to utilize at their leisure.


The Womb Room is all about comfort for all parents, an escape from the day-to-day.

Our “Womb Room” is painted Fuchsia which represents hope, compassion, understanding, nurturing and unconditional love. It is a sanctuary for parents to relax with each other and their children inspiring warm and comforting feelings and a sense that everything will be okay.  The “Womb Room” puts people in touch with the nurturing side of themselves, open to receive, open to give, nurturing and TLC (tender loving care!).