Toddler 101

Mondays 11:45am - 12:45pm

Tantrums to Toilet Training

Toddlers can be tricky! They've grown enough to have their own ideas and wants, but their bodies and emotions haven't kept pace.


To help you navigate the toddler years - from tantrums to toilet training and that first toddler bed - each week we offer tons of great info on toddler behavior, milestones, activities, nutrition, sleep, and more, from our Little Knight Specialists. 


Partners welcome. ** Weekly topics subject to change based on specialist's schedule.


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Toddler 101


Each week at-a-glance/8-weeks total:

Week 1:  Peaceful Parenting – An Intro to connective, calm, peaceful parenting.

Week 2:  Food & Nutrition – Getting you and your kids on the right nutritional track

Week 3:  It’s Not Just “PLAY” - Learning Through Play 

Week 4:  Sleep Toddler sleep

Week 5:  Parent Rescue 101

Week 6:  Little Chefs – A Cooking Class for tots & their parents  

Week 7:  Discipline is An Art not A Punishment 

Week 8:  Potty Learning 101 - Tips for You & Your Toddler

Full Class Details + Descriptions:

Week 1:
Peaceful Parenting - Specialist: Michelle Carlson
An Intro to Connective, Calm + Peaceful Parenting

We will explore the basics behind the brain science around emotions and discuss ideas to get your kids to comply with your wishes.  


As we all know, parenting is no easy task.  As caretakers, we come to child rearing with our own understanding of how it should look and feel. However, that look and feeling don't always happen as organically as we hope it might. 

Things become difficult when our children fail to comply with our wishes and desires. Therein lies the basic contention between children and the adults who take care for them. This tension can easily erode the parent-child bond so much so that parenting becomes arduous and grueling.

Peace & Parenting offers alternatives to bribes, threats, rewards and punishments and instills the listening tools of the Hand in Hand Parenting methodology created by Patty Wipfler.

Find out how you can have the calm household you've dreamt about. 

Week 2:
Food & Nutrition - Specialist: Irina Vaisman
Getting Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track!

Getting a toddler to eat right can be tricky. You want your child to eat enough, and you want meals to be nutritious. From wrangling a picky eater to offering key nutrients,  join Irina Vaisman, Nutritionist and Founder of KidWise Nutrition, for a discussion on creating a foundation of healthy eating in your home.


KidWise Nutrition creates healthy, nutrient dense, organic, pasture fed/pasture finished, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, soy free, non-gmo dinner meals from scratch for kids. Kidwise knows that the nutritional value our children receive through food provides them with essential tools that support their day-to-day lives through activity, behavior + cognitive functioning, directly impacting areas such as:


- Increased focus and attention     - Ability to learn

- Reduced hyperactivity                  - Stronger bones + muscles

- Improved language skills             - Greater energy levels

- Better sleeping patterns              - Stronger gut health

- Lowers inflammation                   - Sustained physical calmness 

- And overall stronger immunity

Learn that the foods you choose impacts your child's overall health. 

Week 4:
Sleep Toddler Sleep - Specialist: Paula Connolly

12 to 18 months: "Go back to sleep!"

18 months to 3 years: "Just go to bed!"

3 to 6 years: "You still need me?"

You put your sweet toddler to bed at the same time every night, you read their favorite book book…twice.....then, hug, kiss, a wish for sweet dreams.....Oh an then there's the mess from dinner, paying bills, dog needs to be walked, cat needs to be fed, you need to wash your dirty clothes, and you haven't had a moment to sit down and put your feet up. But, instead of catching up on your chores and spending some precious time with your love, you're in and out of your child's room, begging them to go to sleep. Finally they do….ughhh – three hours later.

Sound familiar?  You may be surprised by just how many of your fellow parents face this scenario night after night.

Your toddler is beginning to understand that they are their own person, becoming independent and wanting to exert control in their life. With so much going on in the household around them, guess what? They want to be part of the action too!


So let's help them to chillax + Go To Sleep!

Week 3:
It’s Not Just “PLAY” - LK Specialists
Learning Through Play


Ever wonder why so many people & child care providers throw the word “Play Based Learning” around?


“Learning through play” - Play-based learning, is described as ‘a context for learning through which children organize and make sense of their social worlds, as they actively engage with people, objects and representations’. It is believed that play shapes the structural design of the brain. Play provides active exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased ‘flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life.  

Play that is fostered in children allows them to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning. Children who engage in quality play experiences are more likely to have:

- Well-developed memory skills     - Better language development 

- Able to regulate their behavior     - Enhanced school adjustment - - Better overall academic learning 


Let our Little Knight Specialist take you on a fun, hands on exploration approach as to why everything you do with your child “Is Not Just Play” but affects their development as well. 

Week 6:
Little Chefs - LK Specialists
Cooking Class for Tots & Their Parents

Now that your little one is interested in everything that you are doing....especially food, come join our Little Knights Specialist on

a sensory journey of touch, sounds, sight, smell and taste creating mater recipes of their own. 


Get their sticky little fingers working to create their own delicious works of art while they learn about foods from far-away regions, some that are mushy, or hard, even green beans, broccoli and all things in between. 


This interactive cooking class will have you + your tots demanding mas, mas y mas and creating a wonderfully edible meal at the end – we hope.!

Week 5:  
Parent Rescue 101 - Specialist: Michelle Carlson


Do you struggle with bedtime routine? 

Are you sick of hearing “NO” every time you make a small request of your toddler? 

Does sibling rivalry have you like WHAT the *$@!? 

Do you find yourself yelling as a means of getting control over your household? 


You are not alone!


Come learn the everyday tools to make living with your children, through the ups + the downs, more peaceful, productive and rewarding. 


Join certified Hand in Hand Instructor, former teacher, counselor and mother of two, Michelle Kenny Carlson, to get the goods on how to be a connected peaceful parent.  

Week 8 :
Potty Learning 101 - Instructor: Renae Plant
Tips for You & Your Toddler

The simple truth about “potty learning” your toddler is this: 

If you & your child are ready, it happens very easily.


If not, a power struggle often ensues, and that's no fun!


We all know that no one wins a parent-child power struggle. Fights with your child about his or her body are fights you will never win.  Your goal is to make it as easy and effortless as possible.


Our Little Knights Specialist will give you some easy tips + tools to help set up conditions for child-led potty learning. You will be surprised and delighted that it doesn't have to be the dreaded time of development that others have told you it is.   

Week 7 :
Discipline is an Art not a Punishment
Specialist: Olga Lopez

Ever see a child not listening to their parents in public and the parent having a less than pleasing reaction? 


How did that look and how did you feel towards that parent?  

Ever been that parent yourself?

Parenting isn't always pretty. We all lose our temper and say things out of frustration when trying to discipline our children. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way!


Become empowered in this class as we discuss what discipline is and what it is not.  Join us to learn effective tools for guiding your child through some difficult behaviors  and remaining grounded as you do so.